Service and maintenance

Service and maintenance throughout the life cycle

Our service and maintenance operations unite serve customer companies for the duration of their institutions’ life cycle. We are a strong contender, and our asset is a superior knowledge of industrial production systems and 24/7 service.

By being involved in the entire value chain, we also understand the needs of maintenance and servicing at all levels. It allows us to ensure our customers institutions maximum utilisation and service life. Reliability is created from strong skills and a good attitude.

An Operation and Maintenance Contract can cover the overall operations and maintenance, in which case Amitec takes full responsibility for the operations and maintenance, and its development.

We also provide emergency services for our customers around the world, regardless of location.

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Service and maintenance
Service and maintenance

Operation and Maintenance Leases

We can supply and operate both devices and systems with a variety of leasing contracts.

A contract prepared on the basis of the determined need enables a lower and more cost-effective start of the operations by reducing the threshold costs. With an operation and maintenance contract, we maintain the client’s system cost-effectively.

System leasing contracts guarantee the customer an agreed amount of products within the agreed time, taking care of the actual system’s installation, operation, and maintenance.

Operation and maintenance service available 24/7. More detailed contents, such as, response times and service content is customised case by case in order to achieve the overall affordability.

Amitec Project can operate the entire delivered system and being responsible for its security of supply, functionality, as well as its continuous development.

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Amitec Project offers its services in Estonia and Europe. Contact us when you need experienced and reliable professional.