Process pipings

Process pipings

Our core know-how is process pipings. We serve our customers from design all the way to installation.



We deliver equipments and machines as promised. We serve our customers from design to deployment.

Service and maintenance

Service and maintenance

Our service and maintenance operations serve customers for the duration of their institutions’ life cycle.



Machining is our speciality. We can provide flexible machining services with compatible prize and speed.

We are a reliabale partner in all your process industry neeed

Amitec Project OÜ is a stainless steel professional. Contact us when you need a reliable and trustworthy partner. Leave us your contact information and we will be in touch with you!

Amitec Project Ou is renewed

We are still a quality supplier of machining services in Estonia and Europe. Process industry process installation and service operations are a strong area of our expertise. In addition, we have a resource bank installation and welding staff for hire around the world.

We are also updating the company’s email addresses. We hope that quotations and orders are always sent to

Viljar Luhamets started as CEO of VT on 16.03.2020. His contact information is +372 5304 8610.

Tauno Ilves is responsible for the production of the factory +372 5639 3605 and for factory operations we use email In financial functions, email is a communication tool.

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