Reliable and fast machining

We can provide flexible machining services with compatible prize and speed.

Our knowledgeable grew and modern facilities guarantee high-class outcome to all our factory-made products. We take pride for keeping delivery dates and our continuous development guarantees compatible prizes.

Our contact manufacturing includes implementation according customer drafting and implementation including planning based on initial data.

High-class process is the foundation of machine assembly and its function. Amitec Project has decades of experience and our product catalogue includes several products designed by us.

Please contact us if you want to co-operate with machining professionals!


Versatile products for industry needs

Our services include CNC-machining as well as facing, gnawing and welding.

We manufacture parts flexibly from small product batches up to thousands of pieces. We also conduct welding and assembly as needed.

Amitec Project is stainless steel professional, but our machining services include variety of other materials. We handle common materials from plastics to different steels.

Decades of experience helps us to serve your company regardless of your industry and location. We update our machinery continually and make sure that it meets industry standards.

Amitec Project’s welding crew is qualified for SFS-EN 287-1 and SFS-EN 1418. All company welding instructions have been proved according to standards SFS-EN ISO 15614-1 + A1 + A2

Contact us and let us fix your machining

Amitec Project provide professional service in Estonia and in Europe. Contac us when you need experienced and reliable professional.